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19-May-2020 10:11

From the point of view of many women, even if #notallmen are fake nice guys, …it’s perfectly understandable when they do this.It’s simply safer to assume that men who display an exaggerated niceness are probably not-so-nice guys, and when I say safe, I don’t mean it casually, I mean that their physical safety may be at risk by making the wrong decision.I’ve learned to provide an atmosphere of openness, liberty, voluntarism, and free, non-judgmental communication, and through that, I’ve grown into someone that women feel they can trust and be open with, and my relationships with them have become much more solid.I find it interesting that INCELs exist as a community because it makes very little sense for someone who’s failing at something to ask other people who are also failing at that same thing to help them with that thing.Is it possible to compliment or be nice to a woman in today’s world with them perceiving that we men are just sucking up to them in the hopes of getting a little romance, a little action, or something more that’s also sexual?

That’s right, for many women, dating the wrong man is physically dangerous and can likely lead to violence and sometimes death.

In truth, at the end of the day, most of my relationship failures have come from me being a jerk; while most of my relationship successes have come from me being a stand-up guy, they’ve also come from my reluctance to force someone into a position where they had to choose to date me and commit to me. I can confidently say that every single time I’ve messed up a perfectly good opportunity to date a woman, I did so by pressuring them into dating me, even if I did so slightly and non-verbally.

I’ve grown past this and I think it’s time that we men realize how much better life is when we do.

Dating country guys isn’t just about cowboy boots, big whiskey hats, big trucks and huggin’.

But that is part of the picture — OK, maybe a lot of it!I know this isn’t what most people want to hear, but if we want to have amazing experiences in sex and relationships, we need to develop ourselves into people who are actually attractive people — It’s of the utmost importance that we don’t try to pressure people into dating us and we don’t exude an aura of frustration with being single. I find it ironic that so many people out there pretend to be someone else in order to gain acceptance of some sort, and continue to do so when that tactic fails over, and over, and over again — because everyone else can see exactly what they’re doing and nobody likes it. I understand self-development is hard, it takes work, but the work is worth it.