Writing online dating profile examples carbon dating simplified

13-May-2020 19:51

Dating sites facilitate meeting new love interests, but it’s up to you to make a good first impression in your profile.

To help, we’ve come up with eight online dating profile tips (with examples) for mature daters in need of guidance.

I know it’s tempting to give your whole life story on your dating profile.

You want everyone to understand who you are and where you come from — but you need to rein it in.

Whether you’re looking for a long-term companion or a casual date, you should make that clear in your profile so you attract the type of people who are right for you.

Sometimes the fastest way to get what you want is to tell people what you want.

What do you say to introduce yourself to date prospects you haven’t met in person?

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And if I hear one more guy describe himself as “laid-back and fun-loving,” I’m going to lose it.

It’s best to mix up your photos, too, so you don’t look the same in every pic.

Online daters should aim for a bunch of good-quality pictures of themselves engaging in a fun activity, visiting an interesting location, or wearing a fabulous outfit.

Senior daters don’t have time to waste on people who don’t want the same things they do.

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The beauty of online dating is that you can be upfront about your intentions (without being too sexually explicit).Seniors often hesitate to try online dating because they don’t feel comfortable on the platform. After living a full life — traveling the world, having a career, raising kids — a small text-box labeled My Story can seem laughably inadequate for singles over 50.