Wpf contentcontrol binding not updating

21-Sep-2020 23:37

The final important thing the View Model Binder does is determine if it needs to create any conventional property bindings or actions.

To do this, it searches the UI for a list of element candidates for bindings/actions and compares that against the properties and methods of your View Model.

We use a similar naming convention for this scenario as we did with view location. Because your View Models may be registered by an interface or a concrete class we attempt to generate possible interface names as well. Locate For View first checks your View instance’s Data Context to see if you’ve previous cached or custom created your View Model.

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In v1.1 we’ve completely changed the implementation of the Locate For View Type func.

The second place the View Locator is used is the Window Manager, which calls it to determine how any dialog View Models should be rendered.