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Whatever you choose, your living space will look way more stylish. Walking into a poorly lit room with ugly light wood bed frames, desks and dressers is just drab from the get go,” the woman behind Roxy Sowlaty Interiors told us.

“However, there are ways to decorate the bare room to make it feel like your own! “First things first – you need a theme for your space.

From the series, she seems with Brendan Fitzpatrick, Roxy Sowlaty, Jonny Dual, Earvin III Johnson (son of Magic Johnson ), Morgan Stewart, along with Taylor Ann Hasselhoff amongst many other people.

Wang is also an entrepreneur and designer has their own line of amazing hashtag necklaces.

And always remember: hang your curtain wide and taller than your window. ' data-img-title='Area rug' data-img-width='480' data-img-height='480' class='inactive-thumb gal-figures id_357820' data-img-lsrc='https://collegecandy.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/unnamed.jpg? gallery-inline-embed-357819-357820-0' data-img-id='357820' data-fig-index='0'Purchase Here! ' data-img-title='Duvet' data-img-width='400' data-img-height='600' class='inactive-thumb gal-figures id_357821' data-img-lsrc='https://collegecandy.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/unnamed1.jpg? gallery-inline-embed-357819-357821-1' data-img-id='357821' data-fig-index='1'Purchase Here! ' data-img-title='Curtains' data-img-width='478' data-img-height='478' class='inactive-thumb gal-figures id_357823' data-img-lsrc='https://collegecandy.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/unnamed4.jpg? gallery-inline-embed-357819-357823-2' data-img-id='357823' data-fig-index='2'Purchase Here! ' data-img-title='Desk Chair Slipcover' data-img-width='225' data-img-height='225' class='inactive-thumb gal-figures id_357824' data-img-lsrc='https://collegecandy.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/unnamed5.jpg? gallery-inline-embed-357819-357824-3' data-img-id='357824' data-fig-index='3'Purchase Here! ' data-img-title='Throw pillows' data-img-width='220' data-img-height='220' class='inactive-thumb gal-figures id_357822' data-img-lsrc='https://collegecandy.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/unnamed3.jpg? gallery-inline-embed-357819-357822-4' data-img-id='357822' data-fig-index='4'I'm a Chicago-based writer and graduate of the Medill School of Journalism who has written for sites like Cosmopolitan.com, Seventeen.com, Marie Claire.com, Glamour.com, Parents.com, Racked, Thrillist and The Huffington Post.

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But after a few time, the couple split for some unknown factors.

Dorothy Wang, today 28, stands in the very height of 5 ft 4 inches (1.63m).

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It all comes down to picking a few key pieces that can transform your dorm room – invest in one of these items she suggests or go for them all.Wang climbed to fame after looking within her introduction collection, Rich Kids of all Beverly Hills.