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“I had my third date with the chiropractor this weekend,” Lewis says.“I can’t say what happened because that’s a boundary that I’m not allowed to cross.” During last Friday’s episode, Lewis explained that during their second date, the chiropractor set forth “a rule” that “anything romantic or sexual stays between us.” This isn’t the first time someone has asked Lewis to not speak about their relationship on the radio.

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Grizzly bears are renowned for being extremely dangerous but after spending the last seven years together the pair have forged a close and trusting relationship.Acknowledging that he’s not supposed to be sharing personal details, she asks him if the location rhymes with “red,” to which he responds, “yes.” Adding, “Don’t ruin this relationship for me.” costar, Jenni Pulos, ended after she allegedly accused him of “abuse and victimization.” Lewis has suggested this may lead to the end of their Bravo series after 11 seasons.RELATED: Jeff Lewis Wants to Have a Second Child in the Next Year ‘With or Without’ Partner Gage Edward Lewis and his ex partner are also currently facing an ongoing lawsuit filed by their surrogate Alexandra Trent, who carried their two-year-old daughter Monroe.We wanted Brutus as the ring bearer but the game-and-wildlife people wouldn't let us." Because Brutus was removed from his father at a very young age Casey is now teaching the grizzly bear how to catch fish.

Casey added: "Brutus engages with humans in a way that other bears don't because he is very intelligent and emotional. "He a very close friend of mine and I believe that he is much more intelligent and emotional than a dog.Lewis admits he wasn’t thrilled with either of the man’s restaurant choices, but kept his mouth shut. He needs to fall in love first before he realizes how I really am. Pushing the rules further, he went on to discuss a “hypothetical” scenario, asking his listeners how to handle a situation when “you’re hanging out and the dog keeps jumping up.” “This is where I have to be really careful,” Lewis says.

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