Who is joey kovar dating

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She wrote in a notebook, "Mom gets everything." , Anderson admitted he shut down after Allemand's death, moving in with his parents, reading the Bible, and eating the few things his mother could force him to eat.With time, he slowly began to move forward with his life.Celebrity Rehab actor and Playgirl model Joey Kovar was found dead at a friend’ house by a female friend, Joey was 29. Two years later we saw him at VH1’s Celebrity Rehab along David Malonosky, Brianna Taylor, Kimberly Alexander, William Gilbert, Joey was there to fight against his addiction to ecstasy, heroine.Some people wonder who was Joey dating at the time of his death, was Ashley Weaver his girlfriend? By the time he was at Celebrity Rehab we found out that Joey was going to be a father pretty soon, his girlfriend Nikki was pregnant.

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and told her, "I don't love you anymore." Anderson found her later that night.Vuduris countered in court documents that the friend, Torrey Gambill, was on a "hate campaign" blaming her for Johns' demise.