Who is hyun bin dating

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If possible I want to get married before I become 40 years old.” He hasn’t talked much about his ideal situation of dating in public so it’s not obvious.He has been rumored that he might marry Ha Ji Won, an actress considered his current girlfriend, soon.He confessed “I want to fall in love with a woman and am also thinking about marriage” and said laughing “I used to wait till I turn to the age 30 but I have just realized I got past that age already.” He continued “I think about marriage. I have a dream about having a family.” And showing his concerns he added “I feel like more restricted by something as I get older.

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Hyun Bin was very busy with work left before serving compulsory military service and Song Hye Kyo also had very busy schedules at the same time.

Hyun Bin (born September 25, 1982) is a South Korean actor.

He made his acting debut in the television drama Bodyguard.

They met through the television drama Secret Garden in 2010.

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The drama has been shot for 109 days and the two got very close after spending time together all through the shoot.Unavoidably they couldn’t find much time to see each other and grew distance naturally.