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13-Oct-2020 21:30

The songs aren’t about Donald Trump or Nancy Pelosi.

In the pummeling “Devil on Hwy 9,” which Danzig sang Saturday as he prowled the stage in his uniform of tight-fitting black T-shirt over black trousers, he’s sketching a literal highway to hell.

And as the presenter of a new music festival — Blackest of the Black, held over the weekend at Orange County’s Oak Canyon Park — he was responsible for a two-day event complete with fake severed legs hung in trees and a guy suspended over a stage by hooks piercing his back.“Blood like a crimson highway,” Danzig sang Saturday night in “Twist of Cain” as he performed with his group to close the festival, “Spreading out from his forehead to the ground.” Get him talking about politics, though, and this aesthetic extremist will tell you that a moderate is precisely what he sees himself as.“I’m that person that’s all over this country,” he says, meaning a man who lives according to common sense rather than what he sees are the partisan loyalties that prevent Washington from getting anything done.

Indeed, it’s that anger — the outrage of one who feels he’s the only reasonable person in the room — that drives the music on Danzig’s new album, “Black Laden Crown,” which came out Friday, just before he brought his band and other punk and heavy-metal acts, including Ministry and Suicidal Tendencies, to a scrubby stretch of land at Silverado.

But you can grasp the metaphor deployed by someone convinced we’ve lost our ability to move in the right direction (or any direction at all).

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ROCK AND SHOCK FEATURING DANZIG SUPERJOINT RITUAL VEIL OF MAYA PRONG MANY OTHERS :: Saturday, October 17 at the DCU Center Worcester Palladium :: 11 a.m.Erich Keyser has written: 'Geschichte der Stadt Danzig' -- subject(s): History 'Die Bevoelkerung Danzigs im 13. Having turned 60 years of age over the summer, on a day that was no doubt dirty and black, Glenn Danzig couldn’t be criticized for resting upon his laurels, of which there are many.Some people are into cooking, and I’m into that type of stuff. comes out next month, and the tracklisting is incredibly varied.

When you do something like Rock and Shock, do you go to any of the panels or do you look for collectibles or anything like that? I don’t even know anything about that; it’s a date for the Blackest of the Black for me, that’s all I know. Wolfgang von Frankenstein, former Misfits guitarist) is playing this date — do you guys plan on rolling back the clock at all and doing a Misfits’ set? You won’t typically find covers of Black Sabbath and The Everly Brothers on the same collection. It took me so long to getting around to recording this one [laughs].When you do go down there, are there any favorite haunts you visit?