Who is anderson cooper dating

05-May-2020 05:56

From partying with Charlie Chaplin to getting your baby picture displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, his has been a life that everybody craves.

From the flashy Soho lights to the African tracks, Anderson has been a witness to all.

He was cast into the limelight and showbiz business from an early age.

He was photographed by the noted photographer, Diane Arbus for Harper’s Bazaar and at the mere age of three was featured on “The Tonight Show.” He also modeled when he was 10 and continued for three years landing various assignments with Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein.

He was awarded the National Order of Honor and Merit for his report on the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

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Anderson Cooper’s career as one of the most known faces of the media world has cemented him as a household name.He started off as a co-anchor on the “American Morning” segment.