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02-Oct-2019 11:50

Radar believes the best way to learn is by doing the damn thing.

Slutbot lets you get your reps in without potentially exploding a relationship or putting yourself out there before you’re ready. It’s about sharing your whole self and sharing what your truth is. Having your desires feel accepted can create amazingly powerful sexual experiences,” said Rader.

Sext Adventure isn't even really about sex, Stone said. You do what you want — until the bot does what it wants.

The promise of complication-free, guiltless sex isn't totally truthful.

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For example, instead of words for genitalia, you’ll get suggestive emojis.It’s a free sexting app, as writer Jess Joho reported for Mashable.Joho texted with the bot to see exactly what it was capable of, and it seems like quite a lot.Users have a safe word they can use to shut down the conversation, and Slutbot also has its boundaries.

You can call Slutbot a slut, obviously, but words like “bitch” and “whore” will have Slutbot saying “no.” The dialogue isn’t just meant to present you with sexy scenarios, it’s also trying to teach how to understand yours and your partner’s limits: Consent is also established in every individual trade narrative-driven messages with a bot by responding with a highlighted keyword. " the bot will ask, perhaps followed by "Thinking about taking a BATH and getting into BED." Each word will take you through a different narrative thread, complete with blush-worthy images (from the very NSFW dick pics to even more NSFW money shots) and lip-biting sentiments.

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