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The members were Roy Fielding, Al Hopper, Rich Teer, Casper Dik, and Simon Phipps.

On February 10, 2006 Sun approved The Open Solaris Charter, which reestablished this body as the independent Open Solaris Governing Board.

Internal email was released by an Open Solaris kernel developer but was unconfirmed by Oracle.

There was a post confirming the leak posted to the Open Solaris Forums on August 13, 2010.

It is the only version of the System V variant of UNIX available as open source.

Open Solaris is developed as a combination of several software consolidations which were open sourced subsequent to Solaris 10.

Upstream contributions will continue through a new Oracle web site, downstream source code publishing will continue, binary distribution will continue under the old Solaris Express model, but release of source code will occur after binary cuts, and binary cuts will become less frequent.

On September 14, 2010, Open Indiana was formally launched at the JISC Centre in London.

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To direct the newly-fledged project, a Community Advisory Board was announced on April 4, 2005: two were elected by the pilot community, two were employees appointed by Sun, and one was appointed from the broader free software community by Sun.

) was an open source computer operating system based on Solaris created by Sun Microsystems.