Updating linked database c

30-Jul-2020 10:26

If you delete the table relationships then one must simply create the table relationships at the query level manually - they don't automatically appear.Note however that if one is relying on cascade deletes or referential integrity, then removing table relationships will undo that - so you should check these points.Now we will execute some queries on SERV2 using the linked server.If I execute this SELECT query via the Linked Server it executes in less than a second. This sends the query to the remote server and executes the query there. Then, open the database that has just been imported in previous instructions. Go to External Data tab, then, click Excel in Import & Link. Then in the option below, choose Link to data source by creating a linked table.

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I also did performed ODBC tracing to see what Access is handing to the Oracle ODBC driver.However, it's really only helpful if you insert the same block of text all over the place and the text will need to be updated at some point.