Updating iphoto library

29-Mar-2020 21:06

Update: Ed Mechem’s comment points out Apple’s Back up thew Photos library page, which recommends simply dragging your Photos library to another drive to back it up.

Thanks Ed; that appears to address the second question.

Sadly, some people unfortunately lose important images thanks to modern technology, which is what we're looking at today.

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Not just “don’t back up the Photos Library folder with Time Machine,” but “don’t back up the entire drive with Time Machine.” Yikes!

So there are potentially a lot of Mac users with small internal drives who may be affected by this. Apple’s writeup leaves me with a couple of critical questions…

I know Apple’s answer to the second question is “You shouldn’t be storing photos locally, they should all be in the cloud.” But if you have a huge collection of photos and videos, and/or if you’ve got slow or limited internet, this is not a realistic option.

Worst of all is that the ones I do have left are typically the ones that I would quite happily have deleted if I'd thought to do so.

They're also not on the cloud as that was the first place I checked.

These changes don't seem to be going down too well with Mac devices, or Mac users for that matter.