Updating distribution lists in outlook 2016 Eran little sex

20-Mar-2020 02:22

Some of these methods don’t even require you to to create a group first but they only work when you want to send them a new email and not a Reply or Forward.

Fortunately, with some creative use of some other Outlook features, you can also create a Contact Group for Contacts belonging to the same Category is a few simple clicks.

Note there is not a single mention of Distribution List in this article.

Getting folks to call them DGs as opposed to DLs will be my New Years resolution methinks!!

Any distribution list analysis starts with looking at the distribution list on premises and its membership.

This is then picked up by AAD Connect where an entry is placed into the metaverse.

Grouping your Contacts by Categories can be in the following way: You can now select the Group Header of your Category (or all the contacts of that Category) and press the Email button in the Communicate group in the Home tab of the Ribbon to create a new email address to all the contacts within the Category.

Note: You can create a new email to any selection of contacts this way, not just selected Category groups.

You can for instance also apply this to individually selected contacts, Company groups and even Search Results.

By looking for data at each of these points we can identify the issues with our distribution lists and memberships and implement corrective action.

In this scenario a user has reported that a distribution list is not available to them in Exchange Online.

The list and its membership is then exported to Azure Active Directory.

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