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22-Apr-2020 08:49

I tried taking it off of the "auto" control and reset the temperature to the lowest I can get it (currently 69 degrees) and the fan on as high as it can be. At pm today I stopped at holzhauer motors in cherokee, iowa that "repaired" the kink in the a/c hose shortly after June 17, 2015 and replaced the motor on January 13, 2016 and no one in service was available to visit with me about correcting these issues. I walked out and tried to open my car with the remote and it did not work. My husband later jumped it and took the battery to get looked at. I drove it a day later and my air conditioning was blowing heat on the drivers side and cold air on the passengers side. In good faith, and because I was a "value customer" I was given and appointment to have the dealer look at the problem with out charge.So I used the key to get in it and tried to start it and nothing. I must give Buick credit for this as it is good customer service. 13 to repair the "designed defect" of the hose after the test.My may say "they just repainted the rush but did not fix the cause of the problem".I paid to fix the high pressure hose from some 0.

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Since then they have grown and adapted as car technology changed and have prided themselves on delivery up to date industry knowledge and service.The most recent time I took it in was about 4 months ago. I look back and she has sweat dripping down her face.