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The "baby boom", which followed the 2nd World War in the late 1940's, coincided with a massive government-funded rebuilding programme as the nations of the world, and of Europe in particular, cleared away the debris of war to start afresh.New schools and universities were built to educate the growing population.The word "teenager" entered the English language: the young were encouraged to freely express themselves with new forms of music, dance and dress.

Unmonitored camchat-13

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With newly acquired education and wealth, the young gained influence.He has not just come once and disappeared, but continues to sneak in undercover daily, using the influence of games, toys, books, TV, videos, movies, music, computer games, the Internet, and above all school friends and teachers.Often parents do not realise how their children are being affected as they busy themselves with all the work they “have” to do. No darkness should enter our homes, but the thief keeps trying to creep in.That night their child slept soundly for the first time in a long while.

During the early school years children will mainly be influenced by their teachers and school friends.

The post-war decades from the 1960's onwards have seen singularly massive increases in sexual promiscuity, drug abuse, and rock music rooted in the occult.