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04-Oct-2019 22:34

First off, Ohio State is going to be very good next season. Given the new importance of where a game is played when calculating NET and Quadrant scores for NCAA Tournament seeding, this is a win-win for the Wildcats.

Sure they’re usually pretty good as a big name school, but next season should be their best since Chris Holtmann took over. Playing true road games significantly improves the possible ceiling of a win as well as the floor of a loss.

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The announcement that Villanova will play at Ohio State as part of the Gavitt Games checks off two of those three boxes. And it’s not just that it’s a premier game for Nova, it’s a road game too.

Violations of this type typically result in an official email message from Twitter warning you of the occurrence.

Check your junk email folder for misplaced messages or contact Twitter Support (see Resources) for assistance.

The images you can send with your Tweets can be as large as 3 MB.

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Because your profile image displays as a small square, you'll see better image quality if you upload an image that more closely matches the size at which visitors will view it rather than forcing Twitter to downsize a large photo.

The animated GIFs you see on the service represent files that users uploaded before the ban took effect.