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If you’re looking for Trunkmonkey Racing, please go to the Trunkmonkey Racing Web site.

All the Trunk Monkey videos are on the videos page.

Although the Suburban Auto Group popularized the Trunkmonkey with their Trunk Monkey commercials, Sean Sosik-Hamor and the Subaru community were responsible for creating the concept back in 2000.

To take some load off the official Trunk Monkey video server, we have mirrored the Trunk Monkey videos.

A day or two later, the manager of the dealership got back to Sean and passed on contact information for R/West, the agency that produced the campaign.

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The ad agency that produced these commercials is R/West.He explained that he was the original creator of the Trunkmonkey concept and would like contact information for their ad agency to find out how the Trunk Monkey advertisements were conceived and produced.The secretary was initially very rude saying that she was happy that they were first to the punch with such a great ad campaign, and said that she’d pass the message on to a manager.As news of spread, NASIOC members started purchasing stuffed monkeys and mounting them in various locations in their cars.

Sean created a photo gallery, and members started submitting photos of their Trunkmonkeys in various poses.Sean was initially flattered about the attention the Trunkmonkey had received and posted the video on

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