Toseland dating

15-Jan-2020 09:06

James Toseland, who was dating his sister at the time, asked him if he wanted to play in his covers band Crash.

Zurab agreed and learned their set, making his first major performance with them soon after.

It is all her dedication and talent that has made her this rich today.

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Her personal life is as perfect as her and her career.

She was dating her boyfriend James Toseland before the couple decided to take their alleged affair into a next level and got married.

The couple got married in the year 2012 and till now their relationship as husband and wife is going very strong.

When James started working on Toseland, Zurab worked with Toby Jepson to create backing tracks for some new songs, one of which was Singer in a Band.

Zurab fell in love instantly with that song and it was a no brainer when James asked if he would like to commit to playing in his band. Ed Bramford - Guitars Ed first picked up the guitar at the age of 13.A quick learner, he practiced day and night, training his ears and learning album after album of rock, metal, punk, ska, pop and many other genres of music.