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25-Mar-2020 13:23

Web Torrent is a streaming torrent client for and the web. Once the scan is complete, will be called with an error.

Web Torrent provides the same API in both environments. Emitted when the info hash of the torrent has been determined. This is purely informational and it is not necessary to listen to this event, but it may aid in debugging. The torrent is automatically destroyed and removed from the client when this occurs. This prevents throwing an uncaught exception (unhandled 'error' event), but it makes it impossible to distinguish client errors versus torrent errors.

Take great care when downloading software, music, or anything else through torrents.

Since you're most likely taking files from people you don't know, you always run the risk of there being malware included with the data.

if another process puts a valid file in the right place.

Useful if data has been added to the store outside Web Torrent, e.g.

Note that this does not pause new incoming connections, nor does it pause the streams of existing connections or their wires. Alias for is provided, it will be called when the torrent is fully destroyed, i.e. Normally, you should not need to call instance (for Web RTC peers). For more information on Bit Torrent web seeds, see BEP19.

True when the torrent has stopped connecting to new peers.

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Since a TORRENT file's purpose is for holding instructions and not for storing files themselves, the only reason to convert a TORRENT file is to save it under a new format that can still utilize those instructions.

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