Taurus and scorpio dating

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Tauruses love material things, and can be proprietorial."I think that's why BDSM play is appealing," Mecca says."Other signs that tend to get along with Taurus (if we're going by sun signs alone) would be earth signs like Virgo or Capricorn, or water signs like Pisces and Cancer.Earth signs can relate to the Taurus need for physical/material comforts, while water signs bring a healthy dose of sensitivity and depth to a Taurus' sometimes steely ways."But a double-Taurus relationship can be amazing.I came by it honestly: I started learning about astrology in the womb, and though I can't say I learned the best sex position for Taurses — my sign — at that time (thank god), I was born to a mother who puts a lot of stock in the zodiac.I've gone back and forth on my stance on such things, ultimately settling on the Ok Cupid approach to horoscopy: "It's fun to think about."And it's fun to put into action.

Both are content with sacrifice as long as they are in a nurturing romantic bond.

Opposites on the zodiac wheel entice, challenge, and balance one another. So it is with Taurus and Scorpio who sit right across the zodiac wheel from one another.

This love merger brings together Scorpio who deals in the metaphysical with Taurus who deals in the physical.

"A Taurus-Taurus relationship reminds me of Chris Brown and his ex Karrueche Tran." (LOL!

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) "Hot but deadly at the same time, because they're both stubborn and possessive as hell. "If a Scorpio (or Taurus) is nowhere in sight, never fret, Mecca says.A blindfold snipes sight, and a whip raises the ante on one of the most powerful sensations: touch.