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28-Jul-2020 23:00

As soon as the police arrive at something like this in Uzbekistan the entire area is sealed and no facts can get out.

Regardless, the truth of these incidents remains shrouded in mystery.

I'm not sure how much this made news in the US, but we certainly learned about it as soon as it happened, though being across a secure international border, haven't felt any immediate effects.

A little history: At the end of March, beginning of April there were a spate of suicide bombings in Tashkent seemingly aimed at the Uzbek police (occurring on the weekend we bought our plane tickets to Tashkent).

On Friday 3 bombings, currently being labeled as suicide bombings, occurred in Tashkent: 1 outside the US Embassy, 1 outside the Israeli Embassy, and 1 in the Uzbek general prosecutors office.

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The bombing in the prosecutors office would seem to draw a link between the current bombings and the start of the IMU trial.

Both the IMU and Hizb ut-Tahrir have claimed responsibilty for the recent bombings.

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