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18-Oct-2020 14:58

If the firm has five funds and four of them are doing well, closing the poor performer gives the firm a track record based on four successful funds.Poor performance also results in bad publicity, which can lead to large redemptions.

Liquidation involves the sale of all of a fund's assets and the distribution of the proceeds to the fund shareholders.

This forces investors who bought when the fund was more expensive to sell at a loss.

Worse yet, the fund may have embedded capital gains, which can have an immediate impact for investors holding the fund in a taxable account.

Getting out sooner rather than later can help you get a better price for your shares and salvage as much of your investment as possible.

If you are invested in a closed-end fund, look at the underlying assets.

This can be particularly damaging to investors holding the fund in taxable accounts, as the taxes cannot be deferred the way they could be in a tax-deferred investment, such as a 401(k) plan.