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Only 33% of women who use online dating websites say they have sex on the first online dating encounter, and 60% of female Tinder users say they are looking for a match, not just a hookup.While your best chance at finding love is through a friend-which is how 63% of married couples say they met their partner-you still only have a 17% chance that you will like the person you're set up with.How someone reacts to the news that their significant other is cheating and how it affects their relationship varies greatly from one person to the next. Whether you believe cheating is a no-no is influenced by gender. Men, on the other hand, approach the issue with a slightly different attitude. Approximately 60% of adults say they would consider it cheating if their partner entered into an emotional relationship with someone else. How many people say they'd cheat as a form of revenge?We looked at how infidelity is viewed by people who are in committed relationships and how couples deal with the fallout. Women, for the most part, tend to feel strongly about infidelity and 84% agree that it's wrong if you're married. Around 78% say that it's not okay for married spouses to have a romance on the side. Only 18% said that it wasn't the same thing as a physical affair. How often do people cheat with a former sweetheart? In one study, 32% of women say it led to an affair. That old saying about a woman scorned has some weight when it comes to cheating.You roll your eyes and move on but you might also catch yourself wondering why you're single, and when you're going to find your match. population consisted of single adults, which has increased from 48% in 2011.The good news is: there are a lot of single people in America. But how are your friends finding relationships beyond a Netflix subscription? As more people are becoming comfortable using online dating sites, it's quite possible your chances of finding your match are only a few clicks away. Here are 10 online dating statistics you should know: With so many dating websites and apps out there, it's now normal to use online dating to meet someone.You're scrolling through your Facebook and Instagram feed and what do you see?Photo after photo of your friend's new boyfriend, your sister's kids and engagement statuses from those high school sweethearts you grew up with.

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Surprisingly, only 32% said their spouses had noticed the added expenditures.

We were curious about what goes on behind closed doors when someone is unfaithful, and what we found was surprising. It's around the 2-year mark when your relationship is most at risk for an affair. The average affair, however, usually lasts about 6 months before finally fizzling out. How many people believe business trips lead to cheating?

If your spouse travels frequently for work, whether or not they're being faithful may cross your mind a time or two. All those people who are worried about their spouses cheating on the job may have good reason to fret. Online dating is more popular than ever; the Internet is a breeding ground for people who are looking to start an affair. Bankrolling your basic, run-of-the-mill affair doesn't come cheap.

Our first set of statistics focuses on how frequently unfaithfulness occurs between the sexes and how attitudes about cheating vary. The data we found suggests that only 21% of men have ever been unfaithful to their spouse or significant other. While that's a fairly low number, it represents a 40% increase over the past two decades. What percentage of men would cheat if they knew they'd never get caught? Surprisingly, 68% of women said they'd green light an affair if there was no chance of their current partner finding out. In that same study, 34% of wives who were surveyed claimed to be largely satisfied with the relationships they had with their spouses, identifying themselves as "happy" or "very happy." While numerous studies have attempted to link infidelity to one factor or another, pinpointing the root cause is difficult. Among men who've been unfaithful, 23% said it was a one-time thing. Statistically, women appear to be more likely to have frequent dalliances than men. When it comes to multiple infidelities, women are the worst culprits, with 47% of those who've strayed acknowledging at least 6 or more incidents. Women who are completely dependent on their husbands financially are 50% less likely to cheat, while men were least likely to stray when their wives earned 75% of their income or less. The mean IQ of men who've had an affair outside their marriage is 102.4 versus 100.5 for men who haven't. hovers somewhere around 40 to 50% but oddly enough, only about 15% of marriages break up because of infidelity.

The fear of getting caught red-handed is a pretty strong deterrent for most people, but 74% of men say they'd step out on their partners if they knew they'd be able to get away with it. We decided to take a look at what things may influence the likelihood of cheating and how often infidelity actually occurs. Interestingly, only 17% of women who have cheated said the same. In a poll of confirmed cheaters, 36% of women said it happened between 2 and 5 times compared to 33% of men. Men aren't far behind, with 44% admitting to a consistent pattern of cheating. Among women, the difference is 104.6 versus 101.5 for cheaters and non-cheaters. Research shows that "unreasonable behavior" accounts for about half of all divorces. How many people consider emotional affairs cheating?One-in-five online daters have asked someone else to help write or review their profile.

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