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While almost every contemporary postmark includes a location as well as a date, in 2004 New Zealand Post announced plans to eliminate the location on their postmarks and include only the date; however, information about this can be determined by a three-number code on the postmarks.

In Great Britain the first postmark employed for the cancellation of the then new adhesive postage stamps was the Maltese Cross, so named because of its shape and appearance.

A stamp where the border between the edge of the design and its perforations is larger or smaller than that of other stamps in the same sheet.

If this space is large, the stamp is usually referred to as a 'jumbo' and is more attractive and desirable.

These indicia are not always postmarked by the Post Office but if put into the mailstream later than the date listed on them, they are postmarked about 50% of the time. People could buy the bills at face value, add a first class stamp (at the time 13 cents), and have the combination postmarked to show they were the first day of issue.

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Not to be confused with a coil stamp (always has two edges without perforations), a booklet stamp (can have one, two or three edges without perforations) or an imperforate stamp (which has no perforations).The majority of postmarks today are in black, with red (particularly in the United States with local post offices' handstamps) following, though sometimes they are in other colours.