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Fitness Singles focuses on matching you with fit, healthy members who enjoy an active lifestyle.

Its profiles focus on your interests and activities, as well as looks and life choices, with millions of profiles to explore.


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In this technological age, you needn’t leave the comfort of your lounge to at least run a short-listing exercise of suitable candidates via the internet. I didn’t receive a response to my query about the number of New Zealand members, but a scan of the listing does seem to indicate a The next step involved loading your profile, for free, including information about what sort of relationship you are looking for.Sport is an international dating site for people who enjoy sports.Whether you’re a gym-aholic or just like live games, you can find a like-minded person who shares your sports enthusiasm.Under duress from the Editor I’ve been pushed for a ‘So how did you go? A cup of coffee was usually enough to know if you felt like hitting the hills together. Setting out on our first adventure I could hear the sage advice of my friend ringing in my ears: “Take a board game along in case you run out of things to talk about.” However, running out of conversation is unlikely for this chap.

The second date involved the getting-to-know-you-better experiences of unplanned deep snow immersion, beating an emergency retreat off the tops and night navigation through the bush.

You can express your interest in a wide range of activities, send private messages or chat to groups on a variety of message boards.