Speed dating training activity

08-Jul-2020 16:44

It's an opportunity for people to quickly meet a large number of people to date potentially.

Attendees are paired with each person attending the session for two minutes.

Even your shyest or most uncomfortable participant can manage to talk with another person for two minutes.

If nothing else they can exchange contact information and tell their partner what they do for a living and what they enjoy.

When finished, they can add up the four letters and determine their “perceived” MBTI.

If the students do the actual MBTI later, they can compare the results to their perceptions and discuss if they are the same.

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Sitting at tables all over the room (or just in two chairs) is preferred, so the murmur of the conversations does not interfere with the participants' ability to hear.

Here are some questions you might ask: Do the same for the other pairs of traits.