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First, I'd suggest using a magnifying glass of some type to make sure you know what letters yours has impressed in the barrel.According to the Remington website, the 552 has been in production since 1957. It's also helpful to know if the barrel length is 23 1/2" or 21 1/2" and whether it's a "BDL" (impressed checkering) or plain "A" standard (smooth wood).Estimated "values" are not given on the forum for obvious reasons.However, if you do some searching on the gun auction sites, you may find some "ballpark" figures of what they're asking for them or what they've sold for.As to the letter marks using the magnifying glass and if Remington used lower case letters it is a p or wcp .If upper case letters were used the last letter first reaction is a p , but could possibly be a D .

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newly obtained model 552 with barrel markings wcp 78 ( the p could be a D ) .