Sophos secondary server not updating

27-May-2020 01:37

You must manually ensure that the share contains the specified software subscription, otherwise computers will not be updated.I've not done any comparison of Sophos's malware definitions compared to their competators, but based on the features provided, my first impression of Sophos Antivirus For Linux is that it's the best anti-malware for Linux I've tried to date.I then thought it may be down to pure internet connection as it says it cant connect to server, but then he says it happens whether he's working here or at home and wherever he is it doesn't connect.

Go to the following folder and edit the file using notepad: For Windows 7 – Program Data Sophos Auto Update Config For Windows XP – Program Files Sophos Auto Update Config You may need to give the user editing the file permissions to write to the folder, my user account had read only.

In order to download you have to provide you name and email address, and acceptan agreement.- Not available in default APT software repos for Ubuntu, Debian, etc, or in Sophos managed repos.- No desktop GUI interface.- Not all featues available from the web-GUI. These are generic instructions, and should work for most distros assuming they use Sudo and meet the system requirements to run Sophos Antivirus For Linux.

For non-Sudo distros use the root account, remove "sudo" from the beginning of the commands, and use full paths.

I'm going to have to give this a shot on one of my Linux installs, to gain some experience & to see the effectiveness of the protection offered.

It was brought up in another Topic over here a couple of days ago, and the cons you bring up is why I didn't bother with it on my main PC (though I didn't see your Topic then).You should now find the Secondary location is editable.

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