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Later on in the show, the presenter (Jenny Frost in series 1 – 4) meets with the person to see if they have kept their look and discusses the transformation.In series 5, with new host Ellie Taylor, the show visits towns and cities nationwide on the first ever Snog Marry Avoid?For starters, Snog has just released an i Phone app that offers users a gallery in which they can see top members and which of their friends are currently online, play with their user profiles, check their responses, send private messages, as well as a “Shuffle” setting that allows them to quickly browse — and, well, shuffle — through profiles.Mobile is certainly an important piece of the puzzle, but it’s really an added feature, what’s more important is baking more significant components into the site’s structure that make it a social discovery platform based on more than just a user’s profile pic and silly bio.The co-founders rather obviously grabbed the concept behind Snog, Marry, and Avoid, brought it to an online audience (with enough to distinguish from the TV series as to avoid lawsuits), and, after an all-night coding session, the site went viral, recording 30,000 page views in the first two hours.The story has a feel of Facebook’s early history, when Zuckerberg created Facemash, which attracted 22,000 views from Harvard students within an hour of being online.

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Snog therefore seems to be an interesting case study for how to build a social web business, maintain early interest, and make it something more than just another updated Hot or Not.

The founders also plan to add “like, love, dislike” buttons across the site, which visitors can use to vote on statuses, specific photos, movies, books, cities, brands, etc.