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17-Nov-2019 00:57

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Stop thinking there are men out there who actually WON'T try to kiss you by the third date. Use the 1-in-10 ratio when forming expectations about the men you meet on the internet. Because of the sheer density of lowlife, degenerate men who play on the internet, you must expect that only 1 out of every 10 men you 'meet' this way will end up being even worth considering as a potential mate. get 150 responses to your 'innocent' craigslist posting, know that only 15 of them are probably worth even opening. I tell you now, if you put these simple steps to good use TODAY, you can start relishing in your dating success TOMORROW.

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People perceive things about others in the most subtle ways.Never, ever, ever, ever, assume that the guy who uses big words actually knows their meanings.