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Although each style gave women a new persona that would eventually become absorbed as a collective costume and lose both mystery and danger, some mavericks stand out: the model Veruschka, who liked to go about dressed as Saint Simeon Stylites; and Loulou de la Falaise, Saint Laurent’s giggling, reckless muse, her flat chest bedecked with jeweled ropes, her head wrapped in casual turbans." data-reactid="75"Designers, sensing social change, abetted women in their transformation.The first step Coco Chanel took in forever changing women’s wardrobes was to appropriate the jackets, trousers, sweaters, shirts, and hats of her lovers.They drink from bottles—beer or booze—and smoke cigarettes, sometimes a cigar.One smokes a pipe." data-reactid="29"In Snapshots of Dangerous Women, a charming book of found photographs dating from the first half of the 20th century and assembled by Peter J.READ: NSFW Behind-the-Scenes Photos from ‘50 Shades of Grey’" data-reactid="51"READ: NSFW Behind-the-Scenes Photos from ‘50 Shades of Grey’Truly dangerous women, on the other hand, aren’t looking for dates or husbands, and they do not travel in packs. Their register is either universal, or intensely personal. Whether they deliver or not remains a secret, and secrets are essential to seduction.The Web has eroded every notion of privacy and stolen the real power of women: the threat of mystery itself. But porn-grade sex is the bland, repetitive grinding of hairless pistons.It remains an outlaw accessory, suggesting, perhaps, a handgun in the handbag or, at the very least, a disregard for the notion of a long life.Cigarettes, now all but banned in movies, have made a comeback on cable and Netflix as shorthand for danger: When Robin Wright smokes in House of Cards, we know she’s bad at heart.

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They drink from bottles—beer or booze—and smoke cigarettes, sometimes a cigar. Sports, hunting, liquor, tobacco: They’re goofing around with men’s toys. In the introduction to the book, the curator Mia Fineman writes, “She’s vamp, vixen, virago, seductress, enchantress, femme fatale,” but these young women are not trying to seduce century, they’d be acting like minor stars: flashing hairless pudenda; groping one another; mooning; scrapping in a limo while wearing borrowed dresses, borrowed diamonds, hair extensions, and nails so long they can barely hold their ubiquitous champagne glasses. Cohen, anonymous young women are pictured doing all the things ladies did not do: riding a motorbike or a bronco, practicing extreme calisthenics, fake wrestling, fake boxing, exposing a thigh to hitch a ride, preparing to shoot an arrow, sporting painted mustaches, wearing men’s clothes, or proudly posing with a rifle next to a large dead alligator.

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