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Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. The first settlers came in by the way of Plymouth, and some of them were of the first ship's company. and soon after to Turner, Harpsweli and Tops- ham, Maine. We boast not of the accuracy of this work : we only venture to say, that we have endeavoured faithfully to use the materials that have fallen in our v^ay, and that we shall esteem it a favour, for true history's sake, to have our mistakes, in turn, pointed out and corrected by future historians. 42m the planters of Scituate, to their being admitted to common shares in the town lands.

We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help.Though emigrations have been constandy making from this early settlement, yet we have noticed some remarkable periods of those emigrations: for example. It will be seen in the following pages, that we have diligent- ly consulted the records of the Town and of the churches, as well as the records of both Pljnmouth and Massachusetts Colonies, and other works to which we have made occasional reference. *' In regard of sundry contentions and entanglements betwixt Mr Hatherly and sundry inhabitants of Scituate, the Court doth grant unto Mr Hatherly, to satisfy the partners of Conihassett, a certain competency of land, out of the bounds of any particular township, on the westerly side of the town of Scituate aforesaid." Again, with reference to the above order, in 1656, it was ordered, ''that the Town take some speedy course to run out their head or westerly line between the pond at Indian Head River and Accord Pond, otherwise, if they neglect it, and the Court grant land that may be found to preju- dice them, they may blame themselves." In July, 1656, the Court granted to Mr Hatherly '' a tract of three miles square, extending firom Accord Pond three miles southerly." But the boundaries of the Conihassett grant were not yet settled.In 1640, to Barnstable, when nearly half the population departed. We acknowledge the kindly facilities in consulting documents, &c. A renew was had in 1671 by a committee of eight persons of Digiti zed by Google 6 CONIHASSETT OBAKT.It is certain that William Gillson, Anthony Amiable, Thomas Bird, Nathaniel Tilden, Edward Foster, Henry Rowley, and some others were here before 1628.

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The above named gentlemen and others, were called " men of Kent," having come from that County in England.

On die 12th of April 1633, the 'm the hills to the ^' New Harbour Marshes." We can form from the above statements a pretty distinct image of the village, as it appeared in 1633 and 34.

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