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20-Oct-2020 11:44

In Excel, we may use the Save as command to solve this task, but here I can introduce you a good converter to quickly convert multiple xlsx files to xls files or pdf files in Excel.

Kutools for Excel is a powerful and helpful Excel add-in, which contains 229 utilities (is still increasing) can handle 91% Excel puzzles. Tip: With the Format Converter tool, you can batch convert between Excel 97-2003 and Excel 2007 or higher versions also. Demo: File Converter Batch import multiple csv/txt/xml files to Excel In this tutorial, it lists several VBA codes help you quickly import csv/txt/xml files from one folder to one single Excel sheet, also introduces a helpful add-in tool which can solve almost of importing and exporting puzzels in Excel Convert XLSX file to XLS or PDF file In some cases, we may want to convert Excel 2007 or higher xlsx file to Excel 97-2003 xls file or PDF file.

Especially, the Provider line in the code is To automate the daily task of transferring the day’s records from Excel to Access, you would maintain the Excel table with the fields in the same order as they are found in Table1 of the Access database.

The following Excel macro would accomplish this task.

Save As command, then click Browse to open Save As dialog, choose one destination to place the new file, and in the Save as type drop-down list, select Plain Text. Click Save to save the Word document as new text file, then a File Conversion dialog pops out, just click OK to close the dialog. Then enable the Excel workbook you want to import Word document data, click Data From Text, and in Import Text File dialog, select the text file you want to import. ▲ Except tools displayed in picture, there are 200 advanced tools else in Kutools for Excel, which can solve your 82% Excel puzzles.

See screenshot: Tip: The new sheet will be auto named with the name of imported Word.

You are probably aware that beginning with the release of Office 2007, extensions changed for Microsoft’s applications.

For example, Excel workbooks that had the extension now are either or

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Among the more common actions you’ll do when interacting with Access from Excel is to transfer records from an Excel worksheet to an Access database table.

Before applying this tool, please take minutes to free install Kutools for Excel firstly. Click Ok, a new workbook created to list the conversion result for you, and at the meanwhile, the files have been done conversion.