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24-Oct-2020 08:34

Dubbed ‘drinking and thinking’ by visitors, Lates regularly attracts over 3000 adults each night, with DJs and bars on three floors of the museum.

February 2014Theme: Bio-Revolution__________________Regular Lates Events You can also expect the usual attractions including• pub science quiz• Due to the extra events running at Lates this month, Speed Dating will not be running!

Join us in as escape game and with the help of Morse code and climb your way up the leader board!

Devices harnessing quantum effects will underpin security in the future. The natural aptitudes that make gamers and cyber professionals good at their jobs are incredibly similar.

This gives us an hour to socialise before they kick us out.

Costs The Science Museum Lates is a free public event, but we do charge membership to cover admin and costs for attending with the Geek Chic group.visit the Lates website ( Chic costs: Full Membership of this group is £15 a year.

Join us and get hands-on with a quantum random number generator and learn how imperfect materials will prevent counterfeiting. Could the future of our online security come from the exploding world of competitive video gaming?

How many connected devices do you have in your home? Quantum computers represent a new way to process information.

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Find out who is in control of your smart home, join the debate on privacy v national security and get hands on with games as we find out how the natural aptitudes of gamers and cyber professionals is similar!