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There are a few bumps in their story, and neither of them handled them quite so well, but it was a good learning experience for both of them.Especially since they never really had a fight in all the years that they’ve known one another.Watching them go on each one of their dates, and then seeing Bex’s write up after each was truly sweet, and amazing, and made you fall in love with both of them more and more.Tristan’s will-power in this book is truly remarkable as well, but also shows how much he truly does love and care for Bex and how much he wants to make this work between them.

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Together, they were what romance is all about…With all the laughter, romance and straight up heat, the feels were the icing on this romance cake! There is not one book of hers that I have read and not loved. Tristan and Bexley have been best friends since high school.

Best friends through thick and thin, they were comfortable with each other. She's looking for the perfect man, the perfect fairy tale love story, but hr nit picking is what's holding her back. She may think that but I think its the feelings for her best friend, the ones that sh has yet to admit to herself.