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When asked if she left the area with him, Alcala said no, according to the warrant.When investigators pressed him, asking if she was alive when he left her, he replied, “She was alive before I left her.” HE’S MURDERED BEFORE The charge filed Tuesday is the latest step in Alcala’s complex, sometimes byzantine criminal history.When Wyoming investigators spoke with Alcala this month in Corcoran, they showed him an aerial photo of the location where Thornton’s body was found, according to the warrant.When asked if the land looked familiar, Alcala said, “It’s part of my area.” And when presented with the photo of Thornton on the motorcycle, Alcala told investigators that he knew Thornton and took the picture.“I had a gut feeling there were more out there,” said Huntington Beach police Detective Patrick Ellis, who said he played only a small role in the initial investigation but was part of the decision to make the photos public.The pictures, Ellis added, came with an unspoken message: “Here it is, and here we are.” HOW SHE WAS DISCOVERED One of those photos was of a pretty 20-something woman, wearing a yellow top and flip-flops and looking to be about six months pregnant, sitting atop a Kawasaki 500 motorcycle.When investigators in Wyoming saw the picture, they didn’t recognize the woman but they did notice the background looked like Wyoming.They eventually linked that background to a spot near where a woman’s body had been unearthed decades earlier about 6 miles north of I-80, according to the warrant.

In 1980, he was convicted of murdering Robin Samsoe, a 12-year-old Huntington Beach girl who was raped and killed by Alcala after he lured her from the beach by promising to take her picture.

Thornton was about six months pregnant at the time of her death, according to the warrant for Alcala’s arrest.