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17-Apr-2020 09:31

Harmonica was founded in early 2017 by Sameh Saleh, Tamer Saleh, Shaymaa Aly and Aly Khaled.

The app aims to help singles in the Middle East match with potential life partners while respecting the faith, traditions, and culture of the region.

I would say a third of the women are hookers or want someone to help with there bills.

But to top it off one girl a met tried to set me up to get robbed she gave me the address to her boyfriends house.

With this site, you are merely negotiating for a single public meetup, such that both parties feel comfortable, and any future arrangements may be made on that date.

Over half the women on the site are fake and the site lured men into paying credits for fake dates.

Counter claims that the women are prostitutes is similarly weird.