Overseas internet dating scams

03-Aug-2020 21:28

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Long distance relationship scams (or romance scams, as they’re more commonly called) are shockingly common.In 2017 the FBI received more than 15,000 reports linked to romance scams in the US.Their English will be good, they will often talk to you on the phone, they may send you flowers and gifts, and they will spend months (sometimes years) building a close relationship with you.But many scammers still aren’t on that level, thankfully.They stalk you online and get a sense of your likes and dislikes.Then, when they connect with you, they pretend to have all these things in common with you. The scammer will often pretend to be a professional working overseas—an American vet working in Dubai, for example.These sorts of stories provides semi-plausible reasons for them for video calls to be hard to make, and (later) why they need your help.

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Below, I’ll tell you how romance scams usually work, outline 5 common romance scams, 5 common signs you’re being scammed, and 9 ways you can protect yourself.Or there’s a car accident and they or other family members have been injured and need money for medical treatment. They tell you all about how they can’t wait to come visit you… After you pay for their ticket and/or visa costs, however, they are further delayed or just never arrive.

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