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This may have a significant impact on the speed and quality of your business network’s data communication.

When employees are finding it difficult to access certain applications or data, they get frustrated and efficiency levels drop.

For example, boys play with action figures, robots, and sports equipment; girls, on the other hand, spend time brushing their doll’s hair, dressing up their Barbie, and practicing their brownie making skills with an Easy Bake oven.

As boys grow into men, their role is to be a provider, maintain a tough outward appearance, and “bring home the bacon” for his family.

My first memory of rejecting societal gender roles was when my mom sent me to school in pig tails one morning. They stuck straight out from the sides of my head and had bows, and my mom insisted that I wear them.

Even now, almost 20 years later, I can remember how much I pleaded and argued with my mom not to make me wear them to school.

As girls grow into women, their societal given norm is to know how to cook, take care of their children, and often times become slightly more emotional than is necessary.

To reinforce these roles, take a look at yourself, perhaps, or other men and women in your life.


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As I grew up, I encountered many experiences like this.Why couldn’t I wear shoulder pads and a helmet for lacrosse and play rough like my brother and his friends? They have molded and changed over time, but unfortunately have not disappeared.