Ostomy dating website

26-May-2020 18:41

Initial communication about your ostomy with a potential intimate partner should happen before the clothes come off.

I would suggest going on a few dates before talking about the ostomy so the person can get to know you on a deeper level first.

There’s no rush to tell a potential partner, but if you feel that you would rather tell them sooner than later, go ahead!

Whatever feels most comfortable and natural for you is what should be done.

When I’m feeling well, our relationship has many moving parts and my ostomy doesn’t come up fairly often (we got all of that talk out of the way at the beginning of our relationship).

When I’m not feeling well we make sure our communication is open and honest. When I don’t feel well enough to go out, I tell him to go out and have fun, but that I’m not feeling up for it (although these nights usually turn into movie and cuddle nights).

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That is a completely normal feeling, but with a little preparation, pep talk, and open communication, intimacy can still be a wonderful, fulfilling practice between partners.When you feel it’s the right time to tell the potential love interest about your ostomy, approach the topic with confidence.If you seem confident and happy to have an ostomy, odds are your partner will be happy you have an ostomy, too.No matter who I’m telling about my ostomy, I always try to put a positive spin on it.

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I’m never trying to evoke sympathy, but trying to help someone understand my way of life.

He took it upon himself to learn about Inflammatory Bowel Disease and ostomies.

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