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14-Aug-2020 07:54

What happens if you use an NSText Field for editing text? This is one of the blurry areas in Apple's documentation.

At the bottom of the NSText Field documentation you will find a section "NSText Delegate Method Implementations".

I can set the checkbox from the NSDictionary but I can't change it's status once it loads.

I would like to allow for the status change and then when it does change run an action based of the key of the NSDictionary.

The five methods under "NSText Delegate Method Implementations" are NOT your delegate methods, but the delegate methods of the field editor.

You can use a custom field editor, but I did not want that.

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A table view does not store its own data; it retrieves data values as needed from a data source to which it has a weak reference.

I stopped programming in Cocoa for a while, but a recent project is causing me to spend time in it again.

One area that caused me some headaches is the move from NSCell-based table views to NSView-based table views. You had to supply three functions: one to get the number of rows, one to get a cell value, and one to set a cell value.

You might think that you could implement to handle the end of editing. This happens because the NSText Field that you provide does not do the actual work of editing text.

That work is handled by the field editor, an NSText View which is inserted into the GUI when needed.My application includes an ordered array of key-value pairs, where both keys and values are NSStrings. The pairs are stored in a NSMutable Array (self.tags).

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