Niggers dating white folks

04-Nov-2020 02:41

These commercials featuring interracial couples ( usually a White woman/ Black man or White man/ Asian woman) are a far more effective method of brainwashing people than a speech by Richard Warman or a newspaper essay by Morris Dees.

The reason why is the anti-White speech or essay is usually seen for the anti-White propaganda it really is.

Governments, advertisers and Hollywood movie studios extensively support, practice and carry out deliberate racial engineering.

Suggesting that White men are not good enough for White women, is blatant discrimination.

If some wise and brave person calls the makers of the commercial on their anti-White agenda, they can try to weasel their way out by using the excuses I mentioned earlier and then turn around an accuse the whistle blower of being paranoid and racist.

If you look at christmas shoppers in more traditional places (sears, bay, zellers)... It's the college "educated", and the highschool bimbos who got misled by the propaganda taught - and the aggressive non-white males who hit on them ALL the time. Now if you look around at the "trendier" and "hip" stores... It's like every instinct has been overridden by the social engineering.

We will naturally defend our women, but it doesn't help when they remind us that we arne't better than them at everything.

with certain mud races (for some reason it is often asked about Asians as if they are somehow less problematic than other non-Whites) and there are always posters who see nothing wrong with these relationships. It starts with a white woman talking about why she chose to use this dating service and how much she's looking forward to her big date. It's completely disgusting and they should be ashamed of themselves.

Unfortunately as society deteriorates further and further we are going to see more and more of these types of these advertisements and the resulting relationships. These commercials serve a purpose other than agenda.

They are steadily and relentlessly spreading the seeds of multiculturalism just like Cydonia said.

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Just remember that the reality is-Forced racial integration is a relatively new thing;beginning- being put into law in 1964 with the US Civil Rights Act; and it's taken them 46 years to get this far......people like US who aren't buying this crap, are Still very much here; and watching and waiting- for our turn at bat.

Its a subliminal message sent out...more whites see race-mixing in advertising the more casual view they will have towards becomes accepted and they may even eventually engage it in themselves.