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29-Apr-2020 07:59

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Don't reach for your purse (or do, but prepare for it to get awks!) The biggest thing that I still find really uncomfortable, which I never found a problem in the UK, is they do expect to pay for everything.' Oh yeah, it's a dress and it's blue, just a blue dress and they'd just be like 'woaaah, mind blown!', it's just a totally different culture in that instance.

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It's weird, when you find a girl who has got them out the guy is like, 'ello!

But the thing is, in New York the guys have got so much choice, and because they don't have to date one person exclusively, and you can't say anything about it, you just have to be like, 'oh cool you can't see me on Friday because you're seeing one of your many other women!

Todd kept her in the dark that one of the men was none other than Todd Manning, the man he believed himself to be.… continue reading »

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