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Back to Top The governing bodies of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe shall be the Tribal Executive Committee and the Reservation Business Committees of the White Earth, Leech Lake, Fond du Lac, Bois Forte (Nett Lake), and Grand Portage Reservations, and the Nonremoval Mille Lac Band of Chippewa Indians, hereinafter referred to as the six (6) Reservations. The Tribal Executive Committee shall be composed of the Chairman and Secretary-Treasurer of each of the six (6) Reservation Business Committees elected in accordance with Article IV.

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The value of the American Indian Tuition Waiver is included in a student’s financial aid package.An American Indian Tuition Waiver, need based grants/scholarships, and/or merit based grants/scholarships can be combined with the waiver to meet the student’s educational expenses.