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Of course, Foursquare and Swarm are no longer the only game in the block when it comes to location sharing.Glympse (Android, i OS) is a popular location-sharing service that earns praise for its combination of features and ease of use.For something tailored more for families and small groups, there's Family Locator by Life 360 (Android, i OS), an app for quickly sharing your location with small circles like family and friends.A "Circles" system allows you to create and selectively share to small groups (like say a Family circle and a Work circle), and from there, you can view real-time maps of shared locations, receive automatic notifications of arrival and departure at favorite locations, and easily communicate one-on-one or to groups within the app.Another plus is the app doesn't need a sign up, working straight off your existing phone contacts.While the craze has cooled since it first debuted, Pokémon Go (Android, i OS) remains a mobile gaming hit, combining the addictive creature collection and monster battling gameplay of Nintendo's Pokémon with Niantic's augmented reality technology.From location-based discovery tools and smart search to games and exercise tracking, here are 15 of our favorite location-aware mobile apps for Android and i OS devices.

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The best location-aware apps do more than just tell us about exactly where we are — they offer useful features based on our location.Players explore their neighborhood on foot, using their smartphone as map and viewfinder in order to discover and collect Pokémon, as well as to collect items in Pokéstops.