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Chapter 1 is "Teacher Preparation and Professional Development in APEC Members: An Overview of Policy and Practice" (submitted by Office of the Under Secretary, U. BEST COPY AVAILABLE Teacher preparation and PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT IN APEC MEMBERS A COMPARATIVE STUDY Edited by LINDA DARLING-HAMMOND and VELMA L. Requests and inquiries concerning reproduction and rights should be addressed to: Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Secretariat 438 Alexandra Road #19-01/04 Alexandra Point Singapore APEC Number: #95-HR-01.1 Education Forum Number: EF9 ERIC Tlie findings and conclusions presented herein do not neicessarily represent the offiaal positions or policies of the funders. Cobb, Linda Darling-Hammond, and Kavemuii Murangi, Teachers College, Columbia University, U. Kuo-shih Yang, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education PREPARED BY: Bih-jen Fwu, Department of Secondary Education, Ministry of Education, Chinese Taipei Chapter 13 The Teaching Profession and Teacher Education in the United States 221 SUBMITTED BY: Office of the Under Secretary, U. Department of Education PREPARED BY: Linda Darling-Hammond and Velma L. The APEC Education Forum promotes dialogue and cooperation on education issues among APEC members.9^ i Contents Preface Highlights of the Study V vii Chapter 1 Teacher Preparation and Professional Development in APEC Members: An Oveiview of Policy and Practice SUBMITTED BY: Office of the Under Secretary, U. A comparative study of teacher-training practices was one of the original projects proposed by APEC members at the first meeting of the APEC Education Forum in January 1993.Under the tutelage of her lifeguard mother, Alba learned to swim before she could walk, and she was a PADI-certified scuba diver, skills which were put to use on the show, which was filmed in Australia.In 1998, she appeared as Melissa Hauer in a first-season episode of the Steven Bochco crime-drama Brooklyn South, as Leanne in two episodes of Beverly Hills, 90210, and as Layla in an episode of The Love Boat: The Next Wave.

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