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The NDP also hopes to increase student grant and services funding.

Students who practice in their field while serving underserviced communities can expect to receive some level of debt forgiveness from the government, although the actual dollar amount is not immediately clear.

Bradley, Heit, Gale and Goulbourne all come to the table with varying degrees of luggage; which is unavoidable after spending time in public office.

As an MPP for just over 40 years, Bradley comes with the elder statesman title and some see him as the one who can control council and not let partisan politics interfere with regional business.

Heit’s name has been floated but he’s seen by many as a long shot.

Although not well publicized, Heit allegedly failed to declare conflicts of interest on more than one occasion when his cell phone business was bidding on or held contracts with regional services like the NPCA and NRP.

Dating back to 2003, three of the council’s last four terms have been headed by a St. The more obvious predicament with Bradley (longest serving Liberal MPP in history) as chair, however, is how he will move Niagara’s agenda forward with the province run by a political party he battled with for decades.

Add to that, Niagara has three NDP MPPs to just one PC MPP and so many political pundits are left wondering if electing Bradley is the best strategic move.

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Goulbourne initially was in the running for regional chair when it was to be a publicly elected position.

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The online dating stigma“They [the provincial ministry] do have the 30 per cent discount on OSAP [Ontario Student Assistance Program] but it’s only applicable to certain age groups.

“Our new chair must be a person of integrity, a team player with a positive attitude and a respectful fresh face that has a good relationship with the current provincial government.” To that last point, Diodati added, “Our chair must have the ability to call the premier directly and have meaningful discussions.” Dolores Fabiano, executive director of South Niagara Chambers of Commerce, thinks that nothing should be a foregone conclusion when it comes to selecting the chair.

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“I don’t like hearing when people say it’s a done deal.He established his reputation by cleaning up the Niagara Parks Commission.