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28-Dec-2019 12:13

Consider that H2O is water, and H2O2 is Hydrogen Peroxide.

The difference may seem negligible, but is actually the difference is between life and death.

I am a Reform Jew and am now looking to get married.

I went to a few Jewish dating sites, and I saw some profiles which say "permitted to a Kohen." I am a Kohen, and therefore this caught my attention. A Kohen is not allowed to marry a divorcee, a convert, or someone classified as a "zonah." (see Leviticus ; Talmud – Kiddushin 78a; Maimonides – Forbidden Relations 18:3) A "zonah" is defined as a woman who had intimate relations with a man whom she was forbidden to marry according to Jewish law – e.g. A Kohen is forbidden to marry these women, not because she is a bad person, but because there is metaphysical reality that is created which prevents a Kohen from being able to create the proper bond.

When the year was over, I knew I had to go on my own path and follow my own vision.

Now after working one-on-one basically every day with those at the ELITE level, I�ve seen it all and decided I did not want to stop where they do - instant gratification - but wanted to take it even further as I value long-term happiness higher than the temporary �Quick Fix."So, what will you choose?

This website is my way to channel back the best training, resources and tools I�ve created over the past years to make world class dating advice accessible to you wherever you are.

Enjoy, and feel free to contact me with any questions!

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Valentino�s Mission During my 3 tours around the world and teaching men on how to become more successful meeting, attracting and KEEPING the quality of girls they want, I�ve realized that what drives us men even stronger than instant gratification is experiencing a high quality girl that is 100% EMOTIONALLY INVESTED in YOU, is open to discover her fantasies with you and will not run to another guy because you�ve drawn her into your reality so strongly.That is my mission, to teach guys how to not just �score the girl� but make her unconditionally fall in love with you."I believe the faster I can show you how to become �that guy� who attracts girls just by his presence without needing to do anything special or crazy, the faster you�ll be able to focus your time on making your life outstanding and extraordinary...�which you can�t do if you don�t even know how to meet a girl in the first place.

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