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19-Jul-2020 22:51

“God, Dahlia, he said, “You’ve got one hairy twat.” And he reached in to touch my pubic hair. I learned to jack him off while I let him finger and kiss me. But typical of teenage dick’s, they reach climax really quickly, and Chris started to explode in my cunt. My cunt was already filled with my own cousin’s seed. I sat up at the edge of the bed, put my face in my hands and began to cry. I didn’t begin to talk to Chris again until a couple of weeks later.

It was a bit exciting, a bit naughty and a lot of fun. My heart began racing and I could feel it in my throat. Then with one quick thrust of his young pelvis, Chris drove his young hard manhood into my tight 16 year old pussy, ripping my hymen. Chris tried to comfort me, but I was so angry at him that I hit him several times. But a flame inside me had been kindled and strangely enough, I wanted to get fucked again.

“Wow, you’re still so tight Dahlia,” Chris told me. I’ve only fucked a few times since you popped my cherry last summer.” “You popped her cherry bro? “You didn’t tell me that.” After cumming, Chris got off of me and I sat up to clean his sperm out with a towel that we had been drying off with. “Well okay then,” I said, “If you don’t mind sloppy seconds.” He replied, “Hell no ….

While doing so, I looked over at Richard who was hard as a nail. I want to fuck you too, no matter what turn I am.” Then he walked over, and put his cock in my face as I sat there.

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After a while of kissing and playing with each other, Chris said, “you’ve gotten me so hard Dahlia. I started to feel a rush of adrenaline in my veins. Being 5’-10” tall with a 32D chest and long shapely dark legs, I started getting noticed by guys at school too, and went out and had sex with a couple of them.

So, being promiscuous was not exactly frowned upon in our home. He was 18, about to start college and had a girlfriend.

It came rather easily for me actually, because it was all around me. We were already kind of close anyway growing up together, I mean we lived in the same town, and he would often come over and spend the night sometimes, either sleeping on the sofa or in the same room as my two younger brothers.

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I must add, that many in my family, cousins, brother, and sisters, had seen each other nude when we were younger either bathing, swimming or sleeping and really never thought anything about it.